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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

I have wanted to be a counselor since about 8th grade. It has been as natural to me as breathing. I cannot imagine my life without it, and it defines such a huge part of my personality, and the essence of who I am. So, what makes someone passionate, and how can we go about cultivating passion?

First, try new things. Even though you may not have ridden a bike since you were 5 and skinned your knee, try it out. If it is healthy, and is not dangerous, give it a chance. You may find a new excitement for something you either have never considered or haven’t tried in a long time.

Be patient. Everyone I know rolls their eyes and hates that word. But, in cultivating passion, you may not succeed right away. Know and understand that you may need training and knowledge in these areas to help you understand it more.

Be motivated. Recognize that in doing nothing, you will never achieve God’s purpose for you. Wake up to a fresh start daily and work a little bit every single day on something you simply enjoy and want to do.

Have fun. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself or compare yourself to anyone else in the area you choose for your passion. While you may learn from others through advice and trainings, you will begin to mold your passion to fit who you truly are.

Get to know yourself. In doing this, you will discover your likes, one of which may turn into something you become passionate about. Keep doing those activities which you are good at, and which fulfill your soul.

Turn failure into success. Oprah Winfrey once explained that it took her getting demoted to recognize her calling for being a talk show hostess. When we are going through things, it is difficult to recognize the soil, the dirt that is there and available to us to use for cultivation. But in time, with reflection, we begin to realize that sometimes being pushed to the limit can also make us realize what we are made of. This can be developed into passion.

Recognize that your first attempt at finding a passion may not be your last. Take a “trial and error” approach to figure out what brings you lasting joy and fulfillment. Search for things that match up with your talents, gifts and interests.

Passion, when harnessed correctly, can serve as a strong motivator for personal growth and healing. However, if you find that your passion is causing undue stress or anxiety, seeking professional help can be beneficial. Consider reaching out to a qualified Lafayette anxiety therapist at Harmony House Counseling, who can guide you in utilizing your passion healthily while addressing any underlying mental health concerns.

Enjoy your journey to finding a passion in life!

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