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Our Diverse Counseling & Therapy Services in Louisiana

Services Provided 

TeleMental Health

Online Counseling 


In addition to offering in office, face-to-face sessions, we are pleased to offer Online Counseling or Telehealth video sessions using a secure platform, enabling those currently located in the State of Louisiana to participate in therapy from the comfort and safety of their own homes. 

Individual Counseling

We provide in-office and Online Counseling for individual counseling services for men and women ages 18+ and preteens/teens ages 11-17. Our highly trained therapists can help with a wide range of struggles using a multitude of tools and modalities. Please, see our "We Can Help With..." tab for more information on how we help and what makes Harmony House Counseling so unique.


Marriage Counseling

In marriage counseling our therapists work with both individuals with a focus on:

  • Improving communication

  • Understanding the "crazy cycle" of patterns of relating that are non-productive

  • Reconnecting by repairing ruptures in the relationship

  • Recovering from infidelity

  • Resolving resentments while facilitating forgiveness

Groups and Classes

We also provide groups, classes and community education seminars at our office in Eunice on a semi-annual basis or at local churches and/or event venues upon request. Please, contact us if you are interested in joining us for any of the following:

  • Parenting Classes

  • Marriage Enrichment

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Counseling Basics: Equipping Small Group Leaders to Effectively Provide Soul Care

Evidence-based Therapies


In a comfortable, supportive, and confidential atmosphere, we offer a personalized approach tailored to your needs by using an eclectic "toolbox" of therapeutic strategies with a faith-based approach, such as:

  • EMDR

    • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

    • For trauma resolution 

  • EFT

    • Emotion Focused Therapy

    • For Couples to create a stronger & more secure connection 

  • Formational Prayer Counseling

    • ​For positioning clients to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit for healing wounds 

  • Anthetic Therapy

    • ​For challenging the inner critic 

  • CBT

    • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 

    • For connecting thoughts, beliefs & feelings to behavior 

  • DBT

    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 

    • For increasing mindfulness and regulating emotions

  • Christian Counseling​​

    • For incorporating faith-based principles and Scripture for guidance, truth, wisdom​, and encouragement

Navigating relationship struggles can be challenging, and it's essential to remember that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Harmony House Counseling offers a wide array of services to meet various needs, including couples in distress. If you are considering professional assistance for your relationship, explore your options with marriage counseling where our therapists aim to bring healing, understanding, and reconciliation.

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Individual Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Groups and Classes
Our Toolbox of Strategies
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