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Freedom and Redemption

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

The process of finding freedom in Christ is an exciting, but sometimes daunting task. While the conclusion of redemption leads to a new, and whole relationship, the journey there can be overwhelming, scary, and tiresome. Often, people struggle—fighting themselves, the world, and their own circumstances. Redemption is the “deliverance from destruction or evil”.(

When you are redeemed, you can finally be who you are truly meant to be, inside and out. You can cast out your sorrows, throw down your secrets and shame, and let go of who you used to be in a way that provides you with freedom. Within the comfort of therapy, one can go from being bound in shame, guilt, and obstacles to being their true self.

What if you could find relief from stress, shame, guilt, hurt, anger, frustration? What would that look like? More importantly, how would you feel if you were freed from those emotions that bound you so captively?

  1. Talk to someone, such as a pastor, minister, or priest. Identify and acknowledge each emotion that you feel and pay attention to the purpose it serves.

  2. Recognize the reactions to this emotion, and the affect it has on your life and well-being.

  3. Contemplate these affects and decide what to do with the emotions.

  4. Find a way to release these emotions (through journaling, talking with a friend, doing an activity, or praying—i.e. “Come Holy Spirit, Come. You are welcome here,” or simply ask God to show you what He sees that you possibly don’t see regarding your own emotions.)

It’s time to give yourself permission to be free from reacting to others, to being a passenger in your life, and accepting all of you helps you to do this. Recognize that emotions will come, and emotions will go. They are meant to be markers in your life, not permanent. You also can schedule stress counseling in Lafayette.

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