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  • Andrea Marceaux

The Many Hats of Mothers

Updated: Aug 17

Let's attend to the overwhelming amount of stress that motherhood can contribute to a woman's overall wellbeing..... and, of course, account for its many blessings & joy children bring to their lives :) Motherhood is one of the most wonderful blessings we receive as women. This role can be difficult to balance maintaining one’s individuality and becoming self-sacrificing. Discover Stress Counseling in Lafayette.

I've read that mothers can't pour from an empty cup, and I've read that they pour from an empty cup every day.

Soooooo…..which is it?

Is it time for mothers to prioritize their mental health and stress management or is winging it really working for them and every member of their family? Because let’s face it, it isn't just her mental health she's carrying with her, it's everyone's in the home.

When considering mental health, we usually focus on an individual's happiness and wellbeing. When we refer to a mother's mental health, we should think about what that means specifically. Women who have children or are raising children are often tending to the mental health of every member in their household, which can leave them depleted without awareness or admittance. In American society, mothers are people who can have it all and even do it all, but how are they feeling emotionally at the end of it all? Is it possible to have it all without feeling depleted or neglecting one's mental health? Is this even realistic? It’s time that we, as a people, understand that no one can have it all. Let’s consider your priorities and who gets the most of you, is there enough of you for another area that addresses your own needs & desires?

*Make sure that you address who gets your attention as well as intentionally setting aside time to enhance you & the beautiful uniqueness that God created you to be.

*You can wear several hats, just be sure to hang one up before you put on the next to keep the stress from stacking up!

*When we intentionally walk with faith, we know that God is in control and that we are not alone.

*Our humility can help remind us that we are not meant to carry burdens, worry, and stress alone.

*We are social beings that God created to lean on one another and to always remember that He is with us always in times of need.

Find a balance that allows you to attend to your mental health, which will inadvertently improve the mental health of your family.

10 Daily Things you can consider that will help:

  1. Make time to do something you love every day, even if it is for a few minutes!

  2. Focus on how you feel & what you need as an individual. Don’t forget to count your blessings 😊

  3. Communicate with your family about something you enjoy.

  4. Move your body! Make it fun. Get the family involved if that helps.

  5. Interact with your children in a fun and playful way (Put your work aside).

  6. Set appropriate boundaries & plan ahead to manage overall weekly stress.

  7. Take time to quiet the chaos when you're alone & recharge so you can be more attentive with your family.

  8. Connect with others & ask for help! You're not alone!

  9. Communicate & connect with your partner to improve your relationship... & ask them to help you lighten the load if they’re capable.

  10. Trust God's timing & submit your worries to Him with faith in His plan!

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